Thursday, September 12, 2013

Come and join us Saturday

The weather is looking fantastic, the course is in excellent shape, I've got lots of food to feed you peeps and it will be a great day to ride your bike.  Come and join us at New Fane for the WEMS race! 

Make the "re-injuring" of my "weed eater" elbow worth while.  Please.  :-)

Friday, September 6, 2013


I am sorry to say the State has denied our request to use the double track/hiking trails. Unfortunately this denial is due to the fact that too many people still ride those sections where bikes are banned.  By allowing us to use that during a race, they feel it sends the message that it's OK to ride the hiking trails. . . which, of course, it is not. 

So the race lap will be the standard mountain bike lap (including all loops) for the WEMS race.

While I realize this is disappointing to many, I ask that instead of complaining we be THANKFUL the state even allows us to hold this event on their property.  5 miles of single track is better than not being able to ride at all.  If that does not appeal to you. . .there are many other cycling events that same day, choose what does appeal to you.

Thank you for your understanding.