Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Race UPDATES to note

Just a note to let you know we've decided that the NEW FANE race will be a TIME based race.  With the number of people we had at Greenbush asking what lap they were on. . . there's no way we can help our racers keep track of a 5-6 mile lap and know how many times they've done it.  And the sun sets earlier and earlier now-a-days.

Race times are as follows:

LONG distance - Runs from 8am - 6pm

MEDIUM distance - Runs from 1pm - 6pm

SHORT distance - Runs from 3pm - 6pm

Please KEEP IN MIND - your last lap must be COMPLETED by 6:00pm or it DOES NOT COUNT.

Sell or Buy with Brittany Nigh will be sponsoring dinner for the racers beginning at 6:00pm.  Awards will be given as soon as the results can be tabulated and approved.  Most likely this will happen around 7:00pm. 

I do not have the actual mileage for the course yet. . . .we're still waiting on final approval from the DNR as to whether we can incorporate some of the hiking trails for the day of the race ONLY.

Please note parking is limited, so if you're able to carpool with someone, that would be great.  New Fane's lot is smaller than some of the other lots, and the field we used to park in is now prarie grass.

Also note there is NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING in the lot.  There are campgrounds at Mauthe Lake or Long Lake if you'd like to hit the DNR's web page to investigate that. 

This is also a STATE park, so you will need a sticker and a trial pass to do this race.  We will sell those on-site at registration for your convenience.

The New Fane trail head address is:  W431 County Line Rd, Kewaskum

Once again - the race is Saturday, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2012.

I'll post the race course map once we've got the final DNR approval.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our WEMS event is just around the corner. 

Please join us Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at New Fane for the
Northern Kettles Fall Classic.

Please click on the links below to print your registration form or to register on-line.

2012 Registration Form

On-Line Registration Form

Here are the prices for 2012's WEMS categories.

LONG events will be divided into the following categories: "Open Team" (at least one female), "Women's Team" (all female), "Men's Team" (all male) "Solo Female", "Solo Male", "Solo Female Single Speed" and "Solo Male Single Speed".

MID events will be divided into the following categories:  "Duo" (one male, one female), "Solo Female", "Solo Male".

SHORT events will be divded into the following categories:  "Solo Male", "Solo Female", "Solo Male Junior (18 or under)", "Solo Female Junior (18 or under)".